About Us

GAUNTLETT ON IP INSURANCE is the BLOG for Gauntlett & Associates, which was founded on April 1, 1995 in Irvine, California.
We are a unique law firm with a dynamic global practice focused upon representing Fortune 1000 companies as well as smaller corporate policyholders in counseling, litigation and expert witness services for insurance coverage for intellectual property, antitrust / unfair competition / business litigation claims as well as employment liability.
We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for policyholders in insurance claims, and continues to successfully resolve coverage disputes securing defense and settlement reimbursement funding from insurers for a number of clients throughout the United States

To date Gauntlett and Associates has:

  • Secured judgments and settlements exceeding $150 million on behalf of a range of corporate clients.
  • Represented, as coverage consultants/litigators, 10% of the Fortune 1000 in its short history.
  • Obtained an order for Hewlett-Packard for 100% of the attorneys’ fees/costs – including time committed by its in-house counsel to direction of the litigation – and prejudgment interest accrued as redress for its litigation expenses in hard-fought antitrust/intellectual property litigation.
  • Drafting a customized patent defense policy for a major European-based corporation through a London broker and European-based insurer.
  • Recommend changes in insurance policy forms that permitted the client to secure significant reimbursement for defense fees incurred after the replacement overage was in effect that exceeded the premium expense for these new policy by a factor of ten (10) when new lawsuits were asserted against it after policy inception.
  • Identified pathways to insurance coverage that the corporate risk manager had not considered even after securing the assistance of outside coverage counsel.

Our extensive experience focuses on intellectual property and antitrust claims. This dynamic area of insurance coverage law allows us to pioneer new precedents in insurance coverage. Our legal solutions are tailored to individual needs for individual cases.


  • When your insurance company denies coverage
  • When your company has been sued in a complaint or counterclaim
  • When your company wants to recover attorneys’ fees incurred and/or settlement paid in previous lawsuits where your insurer denied a defense
  • When your company is contemplating a merger or acquisition and could secure a competitive advantage by knowing how the insurance coverage in place could respond to litigation claims or risks
  • When you don’t understand what your policy covers
  • When your broker or agent dos not offer comparison policies to choose from
  • When your policy is up for renewal


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