“Fireworks Displays or Exhibition” Endorsement Bars Coverage Because it Was Conspicuous, Plain and Clear

Nutter v. St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins. Co., No. 3:10-CV-63, 2011 WL 240458, at *6 (N.D.W. Va. Jan. 24, 2011) The “injury … that result[s] from …[f]ireworks displays or exhibition” endorsement was not concealed in the lengthy policy nor part of buried “fine print” requiring “painstaking study of the policy” to uncover a causal…

Directors & Officers Insurer Had To Pay For Damages Caused By A “Wrongful Act” Despite “Personal Profit” Exclusion And a Conviction

Wintermute v. Kansas Bankers Surety Co., 630 F.3d 1063, 1069 (8th Cir. (Mo.) 2011) (Arkansas law) Reversing district court, “personal profit” exclusion did not bar indemnity for a “loss” for a “wrongful act” because of “in-fact” language which required adjudication against insured despite the insured’s conviction for a criminal act.